Firearm Safety

New View Training, in Partnership with Raven Security Associates, now offers several firearms safety courses that gives students the necessary training for firearm safety as well as the Nebraska Concealed Carry Permit. Our programs are live in person courses, with some offering lessons at their firing range.

About Raven Security Associates

Raven Security Associates offers a robust academic and scientific background that lends itself to the drafting and design of emergency procedures and security protocols. Our security consultants have delivered actionable white papers to the US Government, lectured and performed research in the fields of Criminology, Psychology, and Sociology, and enacted policy as both enlisted personnel as well as private citizens. Our teams review and execute security contracts for public and private facilities and work closely with our clientele to create organic policy that is capable of growing and adapting to their needs.

Available Courses

Shooter Basics/
CPR/Reliable Observer

Firearm fundamentals along with CPR and Reliable Observer training.

NE Concealed Handgun Permit

State-mandated course for aquiring Concealed Handgun Permit.

Disaster Response for Businesses

Covers FEMA’s Business Disaster Response for disasters ranging from natural to societal.


Reliable Observer

Training for building situational awareness skills.


Scaling Force

Introduction to De-Escalation and Handling Escalation.


Basic Handgun

Introductory course will teach the student handgun fundamentals.


Basic Rifle

Introductory course will teach the student rifle fundamentals.


Handgun I

Introductory course will introduce the student to using handguns for defensive uses.


Rifle I

Introductory course will introduce the student to using rifles for defensive uses.


Shotgun I

Introductory course will introduce the student to using shotguns for defensive uses.


NRA Courses

New Shooter Seminar

General orientation for people new to shooting in general.



Basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol/rifle/shotgun safely.


($25.00 add-on for range time)