EMR/EMT Training

New View Training, in Partnership with Advanced Rescue Education Solutions (ARES), offers an EMT-Certification course that gives students the necessary certification. Our program is a Hybrid/Blended Learning course that can be taken online with other students all over the US. The required skills checks are provided by New View Training and run in tandem with your course.

This program is designed for working students, giving them the skills and knowledge to function as working Emergency Medical Technicians and preparing them for the National Registry Exam. It is intended for individuals seeking to be an Emergency Health Care Provider in the prehospital setting. It is a vital first step for those planning to obtain a higher level of medical training, such as LPN/RN, PA, EMT, or paramedic.

When choosing between EMT schools in any state, remember that EMTs must be certified by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians before they can begin work. In order to take state and national certification exams, a $35 exam fee is required in Nebraska.

The ARES program is state approved; that’s an important consideration when looking to become an EMT and choosing any educational program.


Provides 40 hours of CEU

Eligible to sit for National Registry

84 hours of overall training

Applicant must be at least 16 years of age

Virtual classroom didactic training

Skills workshop to refine skill set for preparation to begin working

Accredited by CAPCE and recognized by NREMT


Eligible to sit for National Registry

192 hours of an overall training

Applicant must be at least 17 years of age

Discounted subscription to Guardian Test Prep

Virtual classroom didactic training

Modular skills labs!

Read the syllabus


Provides 16 hours of NREMT CEUs

In-person 2 day course

The global gold standard in prehospital trauma education and is taught in 64 countries

Appropriate for EMTs, paramedics, nurses, physician assistants, physicians, and other prehospital providers

Accredited by CAPCE and recognized by NREMT

EMT Skills Check

Recommended for any healthcare professional and medical personnel who may respond to cardiovascular and pediatric emergencies.